7 Career Mistakes Postgraduates Make

Published by: Alice Berg on 21st Dec 2017 | View all blogs by Alice Berg

All people make mistakes, but in most cases, criticisms and scrutiny are directed towards elites in the society, especially business and career professionals. You should be able to tackle these challenges through preparing to avoid the most common mistakes most professionals make during and after their graduate program. Express employment professionals help you be savvier as well as secure a brighter career future by exploring the seven career mistakes that most postgraduates make which usually have detrimental consequences for their careers and businesses.

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1. Do not be afraid of making mistakes at work

So mainly professionals tend to forget that there is no job that is secure and every employee is replaceable. You should always do yourself a favor and try not to analyze all the meetings your boss holds without involving you. Try also not to think that all the mistakes you do will translate to you being fired. The unwritten rules of the office always warrant that you get prepared for any eventuality. The golden rule is to remain confident in all that you do as you watch your back.

2. Aiming too low

According to Forbes, we all have objectives for wanting to do anything. Your objective could be to get your first office job, be a private graduate program tutor or starting up your own firm. All these goals are met by sufficient amount of hindrances that I believe any postgraduate who is determined will always be able to overcome. Nonetheless, there are so many people who let obstacles prevent them from attaining what they hope for. Most of them are too intimidated to apply for a job in a big corporation, whereas some are afraid of being subjected to interviews or even asking for asking for their preferred salaries. 

3. Saying no to yourself

Most postgraduates think or feel that just because they do not have the qualifications that are specified in the job description, they end up concluding that they are not eligible to apply for that position. This is a manifestation of persistent self-discrimination and lack of personal confidence that is heightened by the obsession of a mentality to fulfill every requirement to the last drop. Sometimes, job descriptions just don’t matter, and it should not handicap you from reaching your career greatness.

Basically, there are no fixed rules in the job searching market, and that’s why most liars and psychopaths have ended up being termed as the most successful professionals, whereas top-grade fresh graduates fail to secure positions that otherwise could have been rightly theirs. So you should understand the manipulation strategy and know how to sing and dance the job search song.

4. Failure to understand the present-day job search process and ecosystem

Failure to comprehend the current job-searches and ecosystem is one of the greatest challenges facing the modern-day postgraduates. Every individual looking for jobs for college graduates should be acquainted with the four key hiring entities.  These entities include the person in charge of HR, internal recruiters, headhunter and the hiring manager. Most importantly, you should know that every person has slightly varying incentives, interaction protocols and processes, and such you need to behave accordingly.

Furthermore, most graduates are glued to the idea that job searching still entails checking on the web for adverts, applying for the job, waiting for feedback and attending an interview. The new process will require you to prepare convincing social network profiles. In the case of Facebook, you can follow the following steps to create an impressive job appropriate profile:

  • Use your actual names on your profile;
  • Include all your job relevant educational qualifications;
  • Include your correct personal information;
  • Create and post your resume;
  • Market yourself accordingly. 

5. Becoming a generalist

The most prevalent career mistakes that most candidates commit which seriously impact their market acceptability and future options in employment is becoming the jack of every trade. Companies no more value employees who are willing to do anything for a pay. Every corporation requires true masters, professionals, and experts in the job vertical and the industry.

According to CNBC, firms now hire true market leaders as opposed to just individuals who are willing to work for the next twenty years. This implies that experience and specialization are must-have qualifications in order for any candidate to remain a desirable and relevant professional.

6. Lack of financial plans

Lack of financial plans and power is explained at Kissmetrics as one of the most devastating mistakes at work facing professionals. Due to the fact that most individuals accumulate poor spending habits each year, they tend to increasingly depend on their jobs to support their lifestyles. This job-dependence relationship quickly spins out of control the most an individual is easily shaken by challenges at home or even at work. Deep reliance on work salary is among the greatest professional mistakes

7. Neglecting growth

It is advised that once you get employed, understand that possibilities are open. You will always begin from the bottom as you head upwards. As such, don’t make the mistake of limiting yourself to doing just what you are offered. Don’t be afraid of taking on extra tasks that may probably not impress your boss, but will definitely on your boss’ employer, the person who makes the ultimate decision. Just make sure you apply for your preferred job, ace the interview and do what needs to be done in the most appropriate manner.

In conclusion

Career challenges aren’t just an amalgamation of job’s stressors you encounter. You’re financial, professional and personal, financial problems, vices, and weaknesses all join forces to eat you up if you don’t hold your guard. Stay ahead of the game by learning how to network, get better opportunities and making the best use of what you get now.



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