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Turkey is a paradise on Earth, where the rich culture, the strengthening of national traditions, hospitable and wise people, always ready to help.

The most famous attraction is Troy. The popular tourist route will take you to the province of Çanakkale. This place is still confused not only tourists, but even scientists. After all, sung by Homer City is still an unsolved mystery. In Turkey, a lot of holy places. One of them - this is an area of ​​Cappadocia. This place is a geological marvel, and it seems that it is specially created by nature for the salvation of the early Christians. Pursued by the Romans, they have long lived in a cave cities. The largest were Kaymakli and Derinkuyu. At a depth of 8 meters, thousands of believers took on everything they needed: a house with a kitchen and ventilation, mills and churches.


For the central plains is characterized by the dominance of continental climate with cold winters and hot, dry summers. In the eastern areas dominated by sharply continental climate. On the Black Sea coast because of the mountainous terrain much rain falls. In Istanbul, the climate is mild, the sky is often overcast. Black Sea coast of Turkey, the most rich vegetation. Along with large deciduous and coniferous forests here in a variety of fruit trees are grown, cultivated hazelnut and tea.

Important: in the resort area 300 days Turkey hot sun shining in the year, it is especially hot in the summer from 12.00 to 15.00. Sunbathing should be gradual, for half an hour in the early days with breaks, and eventually increasing the duration of stay in the sun. Be sure to use a sunscreen with a factor of UVA - UVB At least 12-20 to avoid sunburn.


Citizens of Russia, Ukraine and Belarus receive Turkish visa at the border. To this end, upon arrival at the airport of Turkey must be purchased for USD 30 visa sticker, which gives the right to multiple entry into the country for two months. Re-entry into Turkey for a possible mark in the event that a trip to expire before the visa expires. Otherwise, you need to purchase a new stamp.

National cuisine

Thanks to the huge variety of products and the skill of Turkish cooking Turkish cuisine few people indifferent. Snacks (meze - Meze) and salads (solata - salads), varied and delicious, so that it is possible to dine among them. Preference is given to dishes of beef and lamb. Typical Turkish dishes - doner, kebab, dolma. Of particular importance in the Turkish kitchen are sweet. The most famous of sweets - baklava.

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