Caloric restriction

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Caloric restriction has been the single most consistent method of extending lifespanin vertebrate laboratory animals.
McCay and colleagues (1935) demonstrated that rats fed a nutritionally complete butcalorie-restricted diet from the time of weaning had significantly increased values ofmean, median, and maximum lifespan when compared to animals fed a normal diet conducive to rapid growth. It has been found that even milder caloric restriction isstill an effective intervention.1

It is important to note that a lot of the things are difficult from a behavioural perspective in a world that is currently filled with fast food and nutritionally bad choices. Even peer pressure amongst people with bad habits is deleterious andcultivating a workable routine that doesn’t interfere with the normal course of yourlife and comes intuitively is not a straightforward process.
Worth considering are even things such as the size of bowls and plates you have. Thesmaller, the better.

Another useful tool is the so called intermittent fasting. It is a good way to start as itmakes it intuitively easier to restrict your eating. The most knowledgeable person onthe topic I have found is Martin Berkhan. His siteis The most notable benefits are mental clarity in the fasted period and simplicity. It allows the busy person to improve while not paying too much attention to dieting.

While he is a bodybuilder, I will be covering and learning more about exercise from aanti-aging perspective and not a fitness one.

As always, this is still work in progress. I will be improving. I am looking forward forfeedback, suggestions, etc.
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I wish you a nice and productive day.
Best regards, Ivan Shekerev MD.

1. The biology of aging: Observations and principles p202 ch. Altering aging.
The best online resource I have found so far on caloric restriction ishere:
I will later contact them, summarize some practical considerations and expand thework.



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