Remediation for the Inappropriately Excluded

Remediation for the Inappropriately Excluded

About an online course and network for remediation
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We will develop and implement programs of remediation for the inappropriately excluded


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  • Streondj
    by Streondj 2 years ago
    I like graphic's reference to farming, reminds me of gardening, I find it very therapeutic. Permaculture forest gardening is a sufficiently complex project to be engaging, while at the same time very relaxing. sitting in the garden, being a part of the eco system, belonging.
  • Adam
    by Adam 2 years ago
    Yes, once it is finished we can spread it far and wide.
  • Michael Ferguson
    by Michael Ferguson 2 years ago
    I am working on creating the 'Remediation of the Inappropriately Excluded' online course right now. Of course, my objective is to actually have widespread remediation. Move forward with optimism.
  • Filip
    by Filip 2 years ago
    This is all very cool! Looking forward to interesting things.