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The information must flow, specially the good and uptaded information. So here I'll try to post about books, papers and articles that I find very interesting. Everyone can come and post their personal favorite materials, comment and make corrections at any time. The goal is to make from this group a huge resource, organized by topics of interest and a place where fruitful debates and good learning can take place. So, feel very welcome!



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  • jack
    by jack 1 year ago
    I was in Prague last month but didn't look at this library. You have to be led on a tour and can only look in from an outer area, from what I understood.
  • Chrysippus
    by Chrysippus 2 years ago
    Here's a good book

    I myself am very fond of Arthur Benjamin's mental math. His method was exactly the way I had always pursued math and it gave me a great deal of trouble in structured maths. It felt rather good to find validation.

    Also of great interest for the independent study of mathematics is a dependency diagram. This is not strictly required but generally helpful if, for example, you are having trouble determining if say, discrete math is beyond your previous knowledge or if you are simply not applying yourself enough.

    This is an example, you may find topical books intended to bridge the gaps as well.
  • Rodrigo
    by Rodrigo 2 years ago
    Hi Ivan! In order to complement our converstaion, here are some books that I find to be a good start for Math:

    For a good start I believe that good algebra books that deal with functions, number theory and coordinate geometry should be read before going directly to Calculus. Of course some will have the tools to jump into Calculus books quickly, but as I was away from studying/practicing Math for some years, AoPS are what I'm using in order to refresh my mind of some concepts and neat tricks.

    The AoPS books are very good, with detailed explanations and solid theory (you learn by examples, proofs and demonstrations):

    Introduction to Algebra:

    For Calculus, I like Tom Apostol and Richard Courant books:

    Apostol - Calculus:


    Also There are very good books from the former Soviet Union. These two are in the "must read" category and I will make a specific topic just for them:

    Lev Tarasov - The World Is Built On Probability

    Lev Tarasov - This Amazingly Symmetrical World

    Hope this helps.
  • Shekerev
    by Shekerev 2 years ago
    Rodrigo, what kind of starting points can you recommend for a mathematically illiterate person (save for a lame biostatistics course) to expand his knowledge of maths?
    Things that come to mind are:
    1. Calculus
    2. Statistics
    3. Linear Algebra
    I am a visuospatial learner, mind you. :)(