runs on the Marlins over the three game set and received nice outings

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What can we even say anymore?

There are legitimately no words remaining to describe the phenom that is Rhys Hoskins. The Phillies rookie has taken the league — and this very website — by storm in just a little over a month. He hit his 18th home run in just his 34th career major league game to help the Phillies complete a three game sweep of the Marlins.

Forget the game for a bit. We as Phillies fans deserve this. We have sat through some extremely bad baseball before getting to this point of the rebuild. We’ve put up with the Ty Wiggintons, the Delmon Youngs, and the Cameron Rupps for nearly six years now. What we are seeing from Rhys Hoskins and the rest of the rookies is a sign from the baseball gods that good times are ahead. And that’s what we deserve.

This one was over early thanks to a 7 run 2nd inning. Not to be overlooked, however, is the pair of runs scored in the 1st inning. While Hoskins was batting, Cesar Hernandez scored on a Vance Worley wild pitch to open the scoring; Freddy Galvis then raced home during J.P. Crawford’s at bat on a passed ball by J.T. Realmuto.

Now for that aforementioned 2nd inning.

Jorge Alfaro crushed a 77 MPH Worley curveball for a solo shot to the second deck in left field to lead off the inning. It was a moonshot.
After Phils starter Jake Thompson, who had his second straight good outing, struck out, the lineup started rolling. Hernandez singled to left and was followed by a Galvis two run shot to give the Phillies a 5 0 lead. The dinger was Galvis’ first in his last 51 games. Odubel Herrera kept the train running with a single to center; then, well... Rhys Hoskins happened.
Just, wow. And here’s a nice tidbit from the wonderful Jayson Stark
That statistic is simply absurd. It was also mentioned on the broadcast that Hoskins has homered once out in every eight at bats in which he has two strikes on him. The qualified league leader is Bryce Harper at just around one home run per 16 two strike at bats. Again, there are no words.

And after Hoskins made his way around the bases and into the dugout, Cameron Perkins approached him with a ball and marker and attempted to get his autograph.
Perkins is all of us.

But the Phillies didn’t stop there. Nick Williams followed up his alien friend with a line drive single up the middle, Maikel Franco doubled on a line drive off the wall in left, and Crawford blooped one out to center field to score both Williams and Franco to make the score 9 0.

Perkins would later join the home run party when he went yard for the first time in his big league career to round out the scoring at an even 10.

Thompson had a nice outing once again, going 5.1 innings while allowing no runs on six hits and four walks. He also struck out six. The bullpen cleaned up house as Ricardo Pinto, Kevin Siegrist, Hoby Milner, and Yacksel Rios combined for 3.2 scoreless innings of relief.

This series was a complete one for the Phils. They dropped 27 runs on the Marlins over the three game set and received nice outings from Thompson and Aaron Nola. And who can forget the 7 2 comeback in the first game of the series.

In a word Jeanmar Gomez Jersey, this series was fun. Hopefully the rest of the season can follow suit.
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