Mathematical Circles (The Russian Experience)

Thu, Mar 17 2016 03:16pm EDT 1
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Here is the first link to free books from the Soviet Era, specially Mir Publisher's books. Unlike many technical books seen in schools in the West (save the amazing work of Richard Rusczyk from the AoPS team and few others), they are of high level, have careful explanations and present neat tricks in order to solve the problems.

Mathematical Circles (The Russian Experience) - By Dmitri Fomin, Sergey Genkin and Ilia Itenberg:

This books gives us an idea about how were the Mathematical Circles formed by teachers, students and professional mathematicians in the Soviet Union. The main goal of the book was to show that mathematical education can be fun and that everyone can learn. It's a book about a culture that was built under certain circumstances.
Note: The first problem is a well-known "tricky" logical puzzle that some IQ tests (mainly online tests) like to use very much in a revamped version (very creative, right?). As the reader progress, the problems start becoming very interesting and fun to try.


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