Books: Sci-Fi favs.

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These are some books that I find very interesting. Only descriptions [NO SPOILERS]Cool.


Frank Herbert - Dune (Cover)

Dune - Frank Herbert: one of the best novels in terms of creativity. It's a mix of Philosophy, Ecology, Religion, Politics (feudal wars and stratagems) and Psychology, beautifully written. A huge novel.;

The End of Eternity (Cover)

The End Of Eternity - Isaac Asimov: Time travel, social engineering, ontological paradoxes and some plot twists that are very common in Asimov's novels. I find interesting that Asimov's works are much more about the events, its conditions and consequences, than about the character's development. Nice read.;

Primary Inversion (Cover)

Primary Inversion - Catherine Asaro: Speed of light is in the past. The first of the Skolian Empire saga. From what I can recall this book cannot be described under just one label as it's a work that have good speculations in Physics, bio-enhancements - just like those seen in Warhammer's space marines - and AI (she is actually PhD in Chemical Physics and teaches in a gifted program math and science at Yang Academy: ) and also its a space opera, with high doses of romance.;

I'll post more depending on the feedback, I didn't give any details because I hate spoilers.

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