General Remediation Strategies

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Michael Ferguson
Michael Ferguson
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Remediation will generally require you to acquire a network of peers as well as an audience. The calculations show that the modal excluded person will have an IQ of 142 suggesting that their optimal audience will have mean IQ of 123. However, our Polymathic Institute Members, generally members of the excluded will have a mean IQ of about 152 and will require an audience with a mean IQ of about 132. This is close to the estimated mean of Polymathicans.

So, your peers are Members of the Polymathic Institute and your audience are Polymathicans. So, it is in your best interests to develop both groups. You need to create a very large network in order to find the much smaller group of those who are properly your active peers and select audience.

So that is the first remediation strategy and the foundation upon what all others will be built. Without these two networks, nothing will be easy. And we can only create the network collaboratively. The idea that I will scour the Internet for my peers and audience and you will scour the Internet for your peers and audience just isn't practical. We will do it together and this site and the groups are designed to do that efficiently.

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