Monthly group discussion

Monthly group discussion

Let's talk about what we want/expect out of the group.
29th March 2016 12:00PM
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I am going to lay out my ideas for the development of the group and I would like to receive some feedback and even suggestions on improving my plan.

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  • Michael Ferguson
    by Michael Ferguson 2 years ago
    Rodrigo, I am constantly fighting the misconception that Polymathica is another high IQ society. I keep telling people, yes, Polymathicans are smart, but it is their commitment to erudition that defines the group, not their IQ.

    Very good advice. I do believe that you will prove to be one of the most valuable members of our community. :)
  • Michael Ferguson
    by Michael Ferguson 2 years ago

    I agree that the format is confusing. And the new Facebook 'reply' versus 'comment' is good and I wish we could do it here.

    I would LOVE to get $12 per year per subscriber. Imagine when we are mature and the average group admin/blogger has 300,000 subscribers. BUT, my experience is that $3 each is a good goal. That is because the $12 CPM is a wonderful goal, but I am getting $2 from adsense, for example.

    One of the good things about our plan is that as a consortium of 200, we will be able to retain expert monetizers to get our numbers up. I am assuming $8, but $12 would be just great.

    The most effective route to our 720 subscribers each is to attack your 'warm' market, which is going to be your direct social media contacts and their contacts. This is the group that Facebook 'pages' allows you to boost.

    I got nearly half of my total in two weeks simply by very frankly asking my warm market to subscribe. Of course, posting in social media and building a reputation is an important part of warming your warm market. My birthday wishes showed me how effective I have been at that.

    Also, Ivan, keep in mind that 720 X 200 = 144,000 subscribers is a start. We will have pageviews within and the ad revenue will be used to build our community. Also, we all should be encouraging our subscribers to invite their contacts. I actually believe that we can get into the millions within 18 months.

    The important point is that consistency is the key, as you have read. Habituation is the key to success on the Internet and if you disappear for a few weeks, as I learned the hard way, they develop new habits that don't include you.

    I am looking forward to being a member of your group, Ivan.
  • Rodrigo
    by Rodrigo 2 years ago
    First, congratulations for the success in your exam, Ivan. ;D

    I believe you've outlined important points in order to make from our social network an interesting place. I'm also not very sure about how to use the forums. I'm sending invitations to many people and commenting in relevant blogs about your group and, of course, Polymathica Network in general.

    So far, I'm being asked few questions about *what* exactly Polymathica is or aims to be. One friend, at first, rejected the invitation on the basis that he doesn't want to be in a High IQ society (of course, after I explained to him that we're are far from being another creature from the usually incestuous High IQ societies and sent him Michael's articles, he is about to change his mind, who wouldn't?).

    *News aggregation will be nice, specially if it comes with personal comments/insights (right or wrong, it doesn't matter as it can be debated);

    * Interviews would be really helpful. How do you plan to do it?

  • Shekerev
    by Shekerev 2 years ago
    I just passed my internal medicine state exam and I am ready to get more serious about my site and group. I will try to be succint, but there are a lot of things on my mind.
    I Types of posts and content -
    1. Literature review
    2. News aggragation
    3. Interviews
    4. Forum capabilities seem nice. Still not sure how to use it. I guess it can grow organically with more users.
    5. ?
    II How much time and posts do I devote to it.
    Some of the bigger blogs I have seen post almost every other day. I will try to start with at least two posts/10 hours per week. Any recommendations for a start?
    I will link my facebook profile and posts/polymathica-network maker and as much as possible. I will send out a newsletter/message all group members once a week. (say Sunday). One blogger I follow is saying that two times a month is minimum or else followers forget who you are and unsubscribe eventually.

    III Monetization
    Lets say I do manage to get 720 subscribers in two years. If there are other groups and due to cross fertilization my group can be of 7200 members. With CPM of 35 income potential for one weekly newsletter is 252 USD. That is in two years'' time. An e-mail marketing book I was reading was arguing that usually one subscriber gets you 1 USD/month or 12/year. What are your observations on this matter?

    IV. I would be lying if I said I wasn't a little bit apprehensive about letting you down.
  • Michael Ferguson
    by Michael Ferguson 2 years ago
    12:00 PM, what time zone?